Marketing has come a long way since the Production Era where at the very beginning of capitalism it was believed that “supply creates its own demand” (Say’s Law of Market). In the new Social Era of marketing, companies need to utlise the new tools and avenues that the Internet has created for advertising. There is an open-flow of information about us available online and our connectedness means that advertising has become heavily concentrated, targeting ultra specific audiences. Marketers need to be willing to adopt new practices as they rapidly develop and implement them more effectively than their competitors.

Living in an increasingly digitalised world, the Internet has become deeply ingrained into our day-to-day lives. It is no wonder that marketers have tapped into our connectedness within the online world. Let’s Get Digital examines the initiatives of the world’s most innovative companies that are leading the way in online marketing.

Let’s Get Digital is written @biancadidon a student of Net Communications at The University of Melbourne.


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