Google Treasure Maps

Users are not impressed with Apple’s iOS6 Maps software that has replaced Google Maps on the iPhone 5. The Amazing iOS 6 Maps blog pays umbrage to Apple and the many ‘fails’ its new software possesses.

The Statue of Liberty Disappearing Act

As Apple struggles out of Google’s strong hold, other international brands are seeking to collaborate with the Internet superpower. Philips have hidden 10 of their new Smart-TV’s around the globe on Google Maps (see below). Users are given photos of the almost frameless televisions in their hidden locations; some appear to be in very remote areas, and others in more obvious cities. The tricky part is finding the exact locations on Google Maps. Users log in via Facebook to ‘pin’ the televisions when they find them. Photos can also be shared with friends, asking for help.

BMW in Sweden have also launched a Google Maps hunt to promote the new 3 Series. The competition runs for two weeks. Only one car has been placed on Google Maps in Sweden and each day a clue is released via social media making it easier and easier to locate the vehicle as the competition unfolds. The first person to find the car, wins it. Unfortunately, the competition is only available to Sweden residents. Hopefully we will see a similar social media integration campaign by BMW in Australia.